Sunny the Great!

15 04 2009
Sunny Fong and his model Tori

Sunny Fong and his model Tori

Congratulations to Sunny Fong for winning Project Runway Canada Season 2!

Sunny unveiled his collection at fashion week against steep competition from Jessica Biffi and Jason Meyers.

Sunny’s collection was inspired by Alexander the Great.  I was very happy to see him win, and his collection was amazing.  I wasn’t too thrilled with his attitude that if he didn’t win, he would quit fashion forever.  But I guess that’s not an issue now!

Check out his label VAWK that he created in 2004.  I wonder if he’s going to expand on this, or start fresh?

Oh, also, congrats to his model Tori for winning the model part of the competition!  Go Tori!

I really enjoyed Jessica Biffi’s collection however, and I DO hope to see more of her.  She’s very inspirational to me!  Maybe one day I’ll have the guts to try out for Project Runway Canada!



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18 04 2009

I hope you try out!

19 04 2009


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