That’s me. The head-less chicken woman.

17 06 2009


Ach.  I’m planning a charity golf tournament that is set to go on tomorrow.  I’ve been planning this tournament for about 6 months, and it’s an annual event, so really, years!  LOL.

Issues stressing me out right now:

– Last minute joiners! (the day-before, really people?  Did you wait until you had nothing better do before you decided this event would be better than nothing?)

– People who haven’t paid-up.  This is usual, but still unprofessional and irritating.

– Still have to package all the prizes together!  Night-before.  Hate that!  Always happens!

– Last minute prize donations!  Which are great, only, maybe it’d be greater last week before I made up all the prize packages!

Needless to say, I’ll be running around like a chicken-with-my-head cut off today.  I’m a pretty “zen” person, so this for me translates to me sitting and staring at a wall every so often silently panicking that I didn’t forget anything and trying to send bad vibes to anyone who’s going to try to break my zen.

Do you ever do something because you think it’s a great idea and it’ll be tonnes of fun, and dismiss the amount of work/stress involved, then you get to final planning stages and wonder why on earth you do this to yourself??? (time and time again?)

Oh, hopefully it goes very smooth, and the charities receive a good donation.  ||X/  \X|| *crosses fingers, hope and a prayer!*



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