Perennial Loser

21 06 2009

Loser Table

One that fails to win.  Time and time again.  Just as one can look forward to a perennial bloom of tulips in their garden each spring, I can look forward to perennial loserdom each spring as well.  And any other time of the year for that matter.  But Spring is special.  The rest of the year sucks anyway.

That’s me.  When it rains, it pours, then someone shits on my head.  Again and again.

So, I just got over this HUGE event, and I’m all ready for summer and planning all my lame summer vacations.  Including well-deserved time off.  And I get news.

My boss has taken hiatus for the entire summer.  SHHHEEEEESSSSSHHH.  And do you know who the ONLY person is that can cover?  Oh, and as of MONDAY?  Three guesses, first two don’t count!

Bye plans.  Nice kinda knowing you.

Am I ever going to get my “Summer of Yoork?”

I’m neck deep in work-doody now!



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