Who is Yoork?


Hello there!

This is the “all about me” section.  Not much to tell though.  I’m a young professional who blogs in her spare time as a creative outlet, hobby, and a way to enjoy the internet to the fullest.

My blog is essentially my diary.  Although completely opposite from the old lock-and-key, it’s out there for all the world to see!

I’m a simple person, really.

My Likes:

Movies. Shoes. Tea. Cheeses. Taking Pictures. Soap Operas. Sundresses. Rotisserie Chicken. Drugstore paperbacks. Meercats.  Icing.  Inside Jokes.  Octogenarians.  Green Tea.  Pillows.  Television.  E-mail.  Cop Dramas.  Keanu Reeves.  Peonies.  Dance Movies.  Blanche Hunt.  Star Wars.  Online Shopping.  Making Lists.  Italian Leather.  Jamie Oliver Cookbooks.  Dog Clothing.  Wedding Photos.  Sleeping In.  Hot Showers.  The Office (the show, not mine).  Getting Caught in the Rain.  Homer Simpson.  Australian Accents.  Red Hair.  Lemonade.  Jazz Hands.  Coronation Street.  Cinammon.  Fine Wine.  Cheap Champagne.  Open Houses.  Hot Tubbing.  Potatos.  Hyacinthe Bucket.  Dollar Stores.  Archie Comics.  Swag.  Coincidences.  Strange But True News.  Cringing.  Autumn.  Christmas Dinner.  Hats.  Arguing for sport.  You.

My Dislikes:

Headaches.  Indegestion.  Sticky Surfaces.  Flaky People.  Stale Cigarette Smoke.  Flared Nostrils.  Mens Feet.  Waiting in Line.  Hot Weather.  Cold Weather.  Sweat.  Stuffiness.  Pomp & Circumstance.  Bad Customer Service.  Poor Drivers.  Paying for Insurance.  Marshmallow Candies shaped like Fruit.  Incompetence.  Spelling Errors.  Fur.  Allergies.  Ugly Shoes.  Spoiled Children.  Coffee Breath.  Overdone Makeup.  Crustaceans.  Tailgaters.  Full Elevators.  Itchy Clothes Tags.  Sandals in Snow.  Sweat Pants with High Heels.  Math.  White Socks & Black Pants.  Pantyhose.  Garbage.  Using the Phone.  Low Battery.  Gristle.  Carrot-tans.

My Shows:

Coronation Street.  Mad Men.  Dexter.  True Blood.  The Office.  SoYouThinkYouCanDance.  Sex and the City.  Big Love.  Ugly Betty.  Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  Little Britain USA.  LOST.  America’s Next Top Model.  Californication.  Law & Order franchise.  Dr. Phil.  Judge Judy. The Unusuals.

My Movies:

Star Wars.  The Usual Suspects.  The Talented Mr. Ripley.  A Murder of Crows.  The Women (original).  Fight Club.  The Swimming Pool.  Leon.  The Departed.  A Place in the Sun.  Roman Holiday.  Back to the Future.  Christmas Vacation.  The Sixth Sense.  Death of a Salesman.  Eastern Promises.  Troy.  Sideways.  Vanilla Sky.  Y Tu Mama Tambien.  Munich.  Gladiator.  Napoleon Dynamite.  Cast Away.  The Life of David Gale.  The Matrix. Murial’s Wedding.  Away From Her.  Knocked Up.  Atonement.  Borat.

My Reads:

The Chrysalids.  1984.  Crime and Punishment.  Wuthering Heights.  Jane Eyre.  The Stone Angel.  Atonement.  The Thornbirds.  Great Expectations.  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  White Oleander.  Hamlet.  Othello.  Memoirs of a Geisha.  Little Women.  The Glass Castle.  The Time Traveller’s Wife.  Interview with the Vampire.  Bonjour Tritesse. Bridget Jone’s Diary.  The Constant Gardener.  Lord of the Flies.  The Painted Veil.  Revolutionary Road.

My Fave Quotes:

Anything ever uttered by Blanche Hunt

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold your bills in half and put them back in your pocket.”

– Anonymous

“Let me describe the perfect date:  I take her out to a nice dinner.  She looks amazing.  Some guy tries to hit on her… now he wants to fight.  So I grab him – I throw him into the juke box!  Then the other ninja’s got a knife – and he comes at me – we grapple.  I turn his knife on him.  Blood on the dance floor.  She’s scared now.  I take her home.  I’m holding her in my arms.  I reach for a kiss…I hear something in the leaves.  I flip her around, she gets a poison arrow right in her back.  She was in on it the whole time…but I knew.”

– Dwight Schrute

“I’m living like there’s no tomorrow…because there isn’t one.”

– Don Draper

“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness.  And do you know what happiness is?  Happiness is the smell of a new car.  It’s freedom from fear.  It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is OKAY.  YOU are OKAY. ”

– Don Draper

“It’s strange to have a creature out there, a deeply mutated version of yourself running loose and screwing everything up.  I wonder if this is how parents feel.”

– Dexter Morgan

xoxo, Yoork


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