Curry Take-Me-Away

23 06 2009

Jamies_Ministry_of_FoodSo just last weekend I was at Costco and I was perusing the book aisle, since books are SO much cheaper there!  (Yes, even cheaper than on Amazon).  Anyway, I came upon a Jamie Oliver cookbook based on his show “Ministry of Food.”  I already own one Jamie Oliver cookbook and love it!  So I thought I’d give another one a shot.  Well, this cookbook is called Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.  It is called that based on the ACTUAL “Ministry of Food” back in war-time when ladies from the ministry would go around the community teaching people how to cook and passing on recipes, and home garden tips etc.  The idea is to encourage people to pass on recipes to one another so that people will cook healthier and at home in an attempt to overcome obesity and other health issues due to eating poorly. Not to mention any pocketbook issues due to this lovely current economy.  And by doing that, to improve your overall quality of life.  Because isn’t that what it’s all about people?

Well, I think it’s a really great book.  He’s got little features on some of the folks who have become a part of this project with him that gives it a good-read feel as opposed to just a reference-book.   And best of all, he’s got SIMPLE recipes! You know, for us simple-folk.  (read=lazy)

Let’s hear it for the 30 minute recipes!!!  Most of the reason, at least I find, that I don’t cook at home, is that I either don’t have time, or I’m too lazy.  Because often I find that even a “quick meal” finds me in the kitchen for at least two hours a day and using every dish and pan I own.  So coupled with washing-up time, even longer! I did however, make a lovely Chicken Korma (below) from his book, coupled with the coriander and lime basmati rice and it was great!  It did take much longer than 30 minutes however, used up a lot of pots and pans, and the ingredients (at least initially) were quite costly!

I don’t eat fast food (often), but I DO eat out quite a bit.  Even though a lot of ingredients at restaurants are technically healthy, they can be very richly coupled with not-so-healthy ones.  And you KNOW how large portion sizes are these days in restaurants.  So, it is much healthier simply to cook at home. In fact, if you were struggling with your weight, the most important thing to do would be to simply cook all your own meals, using as many items from scratch as possible and the weight will just fall off.  Beacuse fact of the matter is, if you eat anything fast food, at a restauraunt, or from a jar, it’s going to be LADEN with sugar.  And if you’re trying to lose weight sugar is Enemy #1.  Nevermind all those chemical preservatives.  God knows what effect that has on us.  Here’s a simple tip, read the INGREDIENTS, not the nutritional break down (for all you calorie counters out there), if you don’t know what some of the ingredients are, then ychickenkormaou probably shouldn’t eat it.  Remember, the food is approved for commercial use not because it is “safe”, but because it is “not proven dangerous.”  These are not one in the same.

Will Jamie’s idea work?  In theory yes, but I’m skeptical.  I don’t have as much faith in the general public as he seems to. As it is, I am a busy person (who isn’t?), I don’t have any children, and I make enough so I don’t have to food shop on a budget, and I am by no means overweight (or prone to bad eating habits, or emotional eating) or have any issues with food or health problems related to food.  And saying that, I’m still too lazy half the time to cook at home and would rather get take out!

Lazy?  Yes.  Is that wrong?  Yes.  But is it the truth?  Yes.  As Popeye would say “I am, what I am.”