Powder Boo!

25 06 2009

June 25 2009 Powder Blue

So I watched Powder Blue recently.  It was TERRIBLE! Gah, don’t even know where to start, just a crap movie overall.  To be quite honest, I really only wanted to watch the movie because I was curious to see the Jessica Biel stripper-scene. I haven’t seen her in anything since 7th Heaven, so I was curious, kill me! lol.

But trust me, it’s not worth it!  She’s a way better dancer than actress though having said that.  I felt like I was watching Mary Camden down-on-her-luck as a stripper and was half-expecting Reverend Camden to bust down the door of the strip club and take her home to Annie.  That girl will never shed that character.

The movie follows the depressing crappy lives of about 5-6 people.  All of which are really uninteresting.  For me the surprise star of this movie was Patrick Swayze as the sleazy-80’s hair-asshole manager of the strip club she worked at.  Oh, and his brother, Don Swayze, played the bouncer.  The resemblance!

June 25 2009 Don and Patrick Swayze Powder Blue

There were actually some pretty big names in this flick including: Forrest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Patrick Swayze, Kris Kristofferson, and Lisa Kudrow.  But, I guess the film was just so bad it didn’t matter!

Well, another honorable mention was relatively unknown Eddie Redmayne, who played Jessica Biel’s love-interest.

Anyway film was two thumbs down for me, regardless of this ensemble cast.